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How We Got Here!

When we named our business White Barn Creamery we had huge ideas, goals, and dreams. We dreamed we would own lots of goats, and cows and milk them every day and make and sell everything we could from the milk. That was the dream, and then I started working hard to expand and I just can’t do it all. The cost of running something like that, and the way the world is just is not something we can do.

People want to buy our milk, but unless I deliver it we are not getting those sales. I would need to up my prices to make up for that cost. I don’t have enough customers to be able to do around-the-state deliveries. And I don’t have the time, that is not our main business part.

I love creating with our milk and that is what I love and need to do, but I can’t do it on the huge scale I have been trying to do. Going 4-5 hours away for a show and then it turns out to be an awful show and I then lose money. Having my stuff in so many stores, having to pay rent, and not seeing the sales we hope for coming in. Again, Losing money. With the way the world is right now, this is not something I can keep trying, and praying next month will be better.

I have been praying for an answer, and the answer came to us. With the prayers came an answer, I had not planned or even thought of, but it came, and it brought calm and clarity on what we wanted. The Home & The Herd I am starting a new blog where I am going to show how I make those things I make. I am going to show the love that comes from our home. I am going to run my home/homestead on a smaller scale and give it all I have instead of taking more than I have.

I am going down to a much smaller herd, we will be only milking 4 ladies a day. I am going to have more time to make bread, do the laundry, and make soaps. Do what I love and less time stressing about not doing enough and not stretching myself so thin. Like I said this name change wasn’t planned but it was given, and I truly believe I need this. I need to give myself the time to breathe and the time to heal.

I will still be selling my soaps but I am going to stick to the closer areas, like Bottineau, Westhope, Minot, and Devil’s Lake will be the farthest I will go for now. I am really going to work on our online Social Media Presence and show people what I do.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but some of you have told me you don’t know how I do it all. Well I have been struggling to do so much and I see that, so this is me doing what is best for me and my family and I can’t wait to share with you how it goes.

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